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Entries available on this site

(ordered by Semantic Field)

Please note: We are currently converting these files to Unicode and into PDF documents.

The web versions () should be viewed with the Freeware Fonts from Scholars Press (SPIonic, SPTiberian and SPAtlantis), available for download on either a Mac or PC on the SBL website.


עֲבָרָהpdf (J.K. Aitken)

See also
on SAHD (external) site:

drFwOm (J.K. Aitken)

lw%ls;ma (J.K. Aitken)

שְׁבִילpdf pdf(J.K. Aitken)


אַשְפָּהpdf (P.J.Williams)

גַּרְזֶןpdf (P.J.Williams)

חֲנִיתpdf (P.J.Williams)

חֶרֶבpdf (P.J.Williams)

כִּידוֹןpdf (P.J.Williams)

מַסָּע IIpdf (P.J.Williams)

קַרְדֹּםpdf (P.J.Williams)

רֹמַחpdf (P.J.Williams)

שִרְיָהpdf (P.J.Williams)

תּוֹתָחpdfpdf (P.J.Williams)


See also
on SAHD (external) site:

hlfcf=ha (J.K. Aitken)

+lm Hiphil (J.K. Aitken)

+lp Piel (P.J. Williams)



עָקָרpdf (J.E. Hartley, Azusa Pacific)

עֲרִירִיpdfpdf (J.E. Hartley, Azusa Pacific)